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1MORE Triple Driver BT In-Ear Headphones

1 Dynamic Driver + 2 Balanced Armatures for Superior Sound
Hi-Res LDAC lossless Bluetooth listening experience
10-minute fast charge for 3-hour use
Environmental noise cancellation

Hi-Res LDAC Bluetooth Codec
For High Quality Bluetooth®
Listening Experience

Bluetooth® Chip with LDAC transmission technology provides a
meticulous sounding wireless listening experience that does not
affect sound quality. LDAC enables 990 kbps of transmission speed
which is 3 times higher than ordinary Bluetooth.
Therefore, it creates a lossless sound quality when listening to
the Hi-Res Audio grade music with Bluetooth connected.

*Please use LDAC supported devices for a lossless
Bluetooth® listening experience.

AAC Hi-Res Transmission Technology

A Bluetooth® chip with AAC hi-res transmission technology
is optimized for iOS devices to provide better sounding Bluetooth®
audio at similar bit rates. Enjoy higher resolution and a
higher decoding rate that allows for less storage.

An Aerospace-grade Metal Dynamic Driver+Dual Balanced Armatures Hybrid Acoustic Design
Realizes True Sounds and Touching Details

Dual balanced armatures offer lower distortion and are uniquely placed in the limited space of each chamber.
Their high efficiency reproduce high resolution audio with rich details. Adding the
aerospace-grade metal dynamic driver,
1MORE achieves an acoustic that makes incredibly original sounds and a vivid listening experience.

Patented Aerospace-grade Metal Composite Diaphragm in a Sandwich
Configuration Allows You To Feel the Balance
and Beats in Full Frequencies

With our patented sandwich structure*, the aerospace-grade metal composite diaphragm produces clarity in both the bass and midrange.
The aerospace-grade metal layer is responsible for treble while the dual PET layers are for deep punchy bass.
The power of the aerospace-grade metal diaphragm dynamic driver allows
you to experience powerful and deep bass, gentle sound, exquisite details, and stereo audio experiences.

No Long Waiting for Device to Charge
10-minute Fast Charge for 3-hour Use

Environmental Noise Cancellation
Technology For Crystal
Clear Communication

Environmental Noise Cancellation (ENC) technology has a precise
microphone array that efficiently filters background noises.
This means the microphone remains crystal clear
no matter what environment you are in.

Soft Neckband for Comfortable
Wearing and Extended Use

Soft neck-band with skin-like silicone material provides
long lasting comfort for extended wearing. Built-in memory steel
wire is flexible enough for convenient storage.

Meticulous Metallic Craftsmanship
With a Sleek Aesthetic Makes for a Durable Design